Are you trying to figure out how to structure your listing on Google? No worries, we did all the research for you.

First of all for those of you that are new here or do not know me, my name is Adeel. This blog post is part of a series I’ve created called “Built from Scratch to Legacy”.

Acquire search engine traffic and gain insights on how to improve your business search engine rankings.

tl;dr — This post will give you a foundational understanding of how to grow your business through search engine traffic. After doing a lot of research and understanding how SEO works, we compiled this…

Are you struggling to create an appealing slide out menu with Xcode? Don’t worry we have you covered!

Time spent: Will take around 10–20 minutes.
Skill level: Beginner.

It’s quite easy to implement a slide out menu, often times called a “drawer”. We’ll make this post simple, and easy to…

Adeel Kothiwala

Helping men around the world feel their best self | Co-founder of OBRO

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