Why Do You Feel Disconnected From Yourself And The People Around You?

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Are you in a situation where you feel disconnected from the people around you and, most importantly yourself? Do you feel like you’ve excluded yourself from everyone and everything you used to do? We’ve all been there at some point, and I wanted to share some of my wisdom.

To be clear, I’m writing things that worked for me. Some of these things may not work for you, but I hope it helps you somehow.

The main thing I want you to take away from this is self-awareness.

It all begins with figuring out why you did it in the first place. Did something tragic happen to you? Do you feel like you are unworthy? I’m sure there is a reason why you feel disconnected from yourself and the people around you. There has to be a reason. You need to figure out what that reason is and work from there.

Keep asking yourself questions and figure out why you did this in the first place.

Do you hate what other people have done to you in the past? This one was a big one for me. I kept telling myself — what’s the point of hanging out with these people if they never included me in their events in the first place?

It’s like a dangerous game you play with yourself because you will tend to believe whatever your mind tells you, even though most things may not be accurate.

When you look deeper into the issue, you’ll start to realize that the problem is within yourself and not with your environment. For example, I pushed myself away from people you would consider extended family in my situation because I thought they didn’t like to spend time with me. After figuring this out, I realized that it was okay. There are just some people you can’t connect with, no matter what you do or how hard you try — and that's okay. You’re capable of so much more. You can get yourself to meet new people, make new friends, and create a circle of people that care about you just as much as you care about them.

In the end, the real issue was — I didn’t involve myself as much because I let that anxiety hold me down. You have to be honest with yourself and stop telling yourself lies. Being brutally honest with yourself is vital to anything you do in your life. We need to shake that bit** voice sometimes and question it.

In other words, LEARN to live your life in the present moment.

Feel, love and enjoy time with yourself and the people around you. We only have one life. So make the best of it, even if it’s as crazy as changing the world. You’re capable of it as long you know you can do it and put in the action behind it.

Our lives are consumed with so much distraction that we forget to live for ourselves.

Time is something we can never get back.

… I’m going to let that sink in a bit. Repeat it back to yourself if you need to. Time is something that we will never get back, and that’s the truth. So stop wasting it thinking about the past. That time is already done and gone.

Get up and take your wife out for dinner. Stop waiting around for something to happen to take her out today.

Take that crazy idea from your list and do it with your girlfriend.

Have a business idea you want to start? Could you do it now and learn along the way? Stop making excuses.

Living in the present moment can be different for everyone. Something you consider fun may not be fun for me. I’m trying to figure out what makes you tick and stop comparing it to what other people will think.

Stop holding yourself back from things that happened in the past. Let the past be how it is. There’s no point thinking about it. The future is too far ahead. It’s good to plan stuff out so you have a roadmap of where you want to go, but do you know where you want to be? If not, figure it out and do things in the present moment to guide you towards that goal.

This part is crucial.

If you’re feeling a void in your life, talk to someone about it. It’ll get your foot in the right direction. The important thing is, it has to be someone who cares about you and will support you throughout your journey.

Talk to a psychologist. It can do wonders. I’ve done it.

There’s no shame in it. On the contrary, your mental health is essential.

Don’t know how to get started? Please message me, and let’s talk about it.

We’re human, and we need people to talk to and know that we have a support system. After all, we are social creatures.

As humans, we’ve all been in a similar situation where we feel like we’ve completely lost our sh*t, and that’s a normal part of life.

At some point, we have to grow a pair of balls and figure stuff out on your own.

It’ll come down to how you deal with it. Some people take drugs to fill that void, stay in an unhealthy relationship, and so on. The choices you make are essential. Make the healthy ones.

I hope this has helped you in some way. I’m documenting my mental health and business journey to help people in a similar situation as mine. I’ve built a business on helping men worldwide feel their best selves. If you ever wanted to check out our brand, head over to www.obrolabs.com or send us a message on IG if you’d like to connect @obrolabs.

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