What Marketers Forget to do When Defining their Audience in Facebook Ads

Adeel Kothiwala
2 min readApr 16, 2021


After doing Facebook Ads for nearly three years, I’ve come across a valuable lesson that is usually overlooked!

It’s pretty straightforward.

When you’re creating or starting to plan out your campaigns on Facebook, you will most likely think about what kind of customers (who) will most likely respond to your Ads and why.

BUT the most overlooked part of all this is the WHAT.

What I mean is very simple. What is your product? You have to know thy product. It’s essential to understand the messaging you want to pursue towards your product or service. If you don’t know what exactly it is, it’ll be challenging to craft compelling hooks and assets. Let’s dig a bit deeper into what I mean about the what.

When you know your product is, you’ll better understand what people are buying from you (duh).

To put it in simpler terms, you must know how to identify your selling strengths and articulate. That’s the difference between an average media buyer and a great media buyer.

Let’s face it. We’re communicators, and it’s our job to be great at it.

“A great marketer can identify and articulate the value of what they are selling using clear and compelling language”
— Johnny Appleseed

I’ve pasted a Value Pyramid below to help you understand what values your product or service may be able to fill. The Value Pyramid goal is to help craft a compelling hook and create marketing assets based on the values shown. Your marketing assets and Ad copy will resonate with what your product is. We’re speaking more to the human than the product.

Before we get into the Value Pyramid, it’s essential to understand that you must have something good to sell. If your product is not good, you won’t be able to scale.

Use the elements of the Value Pyramid to figure out what your product does:

Credit: Harvard Business Review

Your Ad copy and marketing assets should speak more to the human than the product. Sit down and think about your Ad copy. Most marketers usually rush at this stage. When you have the tools to know what exactly to look for, things get a lot easier.

Once you understand this aspect of your marketing journey and implement it, the next step will be to know how to create avatars and target them. I will have another blog post related to this topic.

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P.S. Everything I write in my blog is a way for me to retain the knowledge I learn and share it with the world. I hope this is helpful for you just as much it is for me.



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