Tips on SEO for your Shopify Store

Adeel Kothiwala
3 min readOct 13, 2019


Ways on how to get your store ranked on major search engines

Are you struggling to figure out ways you can rank yourself on google? Look no further, let’s take a look at this together. I’m going to share my experience and knowledge so far with SEO and tips on how you can get started with your store.

For those of you that are new to my profile, I would like to tell you about myself before we continue. My name is Adeel. I’m currently documenting everything I learn on my Medium profile on building a Shopify store from the ground up. I work at a tech company that specializes in commerce, so you can say I know A LOT about e-commerce in general, I have been doing it for a living. My wife and I have started a beauty brand together to build a lifestyle we have always wanted. While building this brand, I’m going to be documenting every little thing I learned that I think will be useful or bring you value on your store.

Now that’s out of the way… Let’s get straight into it.


The very first principle we learned is Keywords. KEYWORDS (trying to drill that into your brain) will play a major role in your SEO rankings. You need to know what keyword you actually want to rank for. If you have no idea what your keyword is, chances are you’re probably not being ranked on the search engines. It’s important to know which keyword you want your website to rank for, as this will help build out your content strategy. Each page, blog post, article, or product page, is an opportunity to be found in search engines for a different keyword.

Blogs is a great way to create content for your Shopify Store and each blog post gives you a chance to rank for different keywords. The more quality posts you have the higher chance you’ll have ranking in Search Engines.

Googles Keyword Planner is a great tool to use to do more research into finding what Keywords you want to be ranked/searched for. In the Keyword planner, you can literally type in any keyword and it will give you loads of suggestions and how many times people are searching for that keyword each month.

TIP: The longer the phrase is the easier it will be for you to rank on Google. For example, it’s easier to rank for Running Shoes for Men than it is to rank for Running Shoes.

One thing that I overlooked when creating our Shopfiy store was the Alt text for images. I didn’t see a use of them until we did more research into SEO. It’s important to have your keywords in Alt text for your images. Here’s an example of how it looks inside of the Shopify admin:

Head over to Products > Click into any products > Hover over an image to see the Alt text button.

Alt text gives you the opportunity to tell the search engines what your image is about. Make good use of it!

Some other places to make sure where your Keyword appears is the Meta description of your products and the URL handle of the product itself.

SEO is definitely a big topic and helps you in getting ranked on search engines such as google. As we continue to build our store, I will be posting more content on SEO as we learn more. Stay tuned for more! I believe our next post will be about taking product pictures.

If you ever want to connect, don’t hesitate to DM me on IG, click here to head to my profile. Throw me any questions you have, any feedback, suggestions, or if you need help with your store.

Thank you to everyone that made it this far in reading this post, if you did make it this far, I know you’re interested in building your own store. Trust me just go do it. Build the sh*t out of it. Keep building and don’t ever stop.

PEACE And take care everyone! I will be back.