Key Fundamentals about SEO for Ecommerce

  • How search engines work
  • How search engines interact with online pages
  • How keywords work and how to select ones that are relevant to your businesses
  • How to optimize your webpages for search engine traffic

Lesson 1: How do search engines work? (1 minute read)

Example of a search

Lesson 2: Google Search Console (1 min read)

Lesson 3: XML sitemaps (1 min read)

  • Have a weak internal linking structure (we’ll discuss in greater detail later)
  • Have a lot of pages
  • Make content changes frequently
  • Add new pages often
  • Duplicate pages
  • Pages blocked by robots.txt
  • Utility pages that are helpful to visitors, but not intended to be landing pages (login page, contact us, privacy policy, account pages, etc.)

Lesson 4: URLs (1 min read)

  1. A top-level domain: This is the text following the dot (.). Top-level domains classify your domains by location (.au, .uk, .ca, .com) and type (.edu, .gov).
  2. A domain name: This is the website or company name (ie. Unicorn Horse, Facebook, etc).
  3. An optional subdomain: The sub domain appears before the first dot (.) in the domain name. (i.e. or
Image courtesy of Moz
  • Keep URLs as simple, relevant, and accurate as possible
  • Include keywords where and when applicable
  • Make them clear — a user (or crawler) should be able to know what to expect when they click on a URL
  • Use hyphens to separate words
  • Use lowercase letters

Lesson 4: Breadcrumbs (1 min read)

  • Location-based breadcrumbs: These will tell users where they are in a site’s structure and how to get back to the homepage. Location-based breadcrumbs are the most commonly used for online web content.
Breadcrumb structure on BestBuy’s website.
  • Attribute-based breadcrumbs: Are most often used for ecommerce websites. These typically contain product attributes like color, size, brand, etc.
  • History/Path-based breadcrumbs: History-based breadcrumbs are ordered based on how a user navigates a website.




Helping men around the world feel their best self

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Adeel Kothiwala

Helping men around the world feel their best self

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