Is Hair Styling Powder Bad for Your Hair?

Are you curious to try out hair styling powder but don’t know if hair styling powder is good or bad to use on your hair?

Adeel Kothiwala
3 min readNov 26, 2021


Model posing with Boost Powder in his hair
Model hair styled with OBRO Volumizing Boost Powder

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While the fashion trend has faded away, hair powder still exists today, and we’re bringing the movement back! Hair powder is used to add texture to your hair for styling purposes or to make your hair look more volumized. Hair “chalk” is also sometimes used as a temporary hair coloring.

FUN FACT — hair powders have existed for more than 200 years.

The SHORT answer: Hair styling powder is not bad for your hair. You’ll need to wash your hair with shampoo every few days, but the powder is not damaging to your hair.

Some of the benefits of using hair powder:

  • No grease or oily type of feeling like most pomades and hair gel.
  • Saves you A LOT of time compared to using other products
  • Gives you a natural matte look
  • Holds your hair in place for a long time
  • Makes your hair look thicker and volumized

Let’s get straight into it or watch Mark’s review of Volume Boost Powder below.

Is Hair Styling or Volumizing Powder Bad for Your Hair?

Hair styling powder for volume or texture is considered safe for hair so long as it’s only left in one to three days and then washed out. It’s also not recommended for long-term, consistent use because it can dry out hair strands. However, used periodically and according to instructions, styling powders are considered perfectly safe for hair.

Any powder applied to hair will be drying but is acceptable for occasional use. Hair chalk is less damaging to hair than dyeing…